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Today on Kilowatt we talk about Tesla, Model 3, Megapacks, Solar Roof, Ford, and Audi.

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Stranger Things
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Tesla Kim
Andrej Karpathy talks Neural Networks and Autopilot
Audi e-tron Overview
Honda e

Electric F-150 Marketing Stunt
Solar Roof Testing in Fremont
Shorter Range Audi e-tron
Are Model 3 Battery Cells Less Likely to Catch Fire
Tesla Energy Announces the Megapack
Dog Mode Update
Thieves are Not Targeting Model S and X in the US
Model Y Manufacturing Innovation
Porsche Taycan Pre-Orders
Former Tesla Engineer Admits to Uploading Source Code to iCloud

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Hello everyone and welcome to kilowatt. My name is Bodie and I am your host and I am recording on the Universal Audio Arrow preamp. I am very excited. I had a hard time getting the driver to install yesterday, but I finally got it installed about an hour and a half ago, so I'm excited about that. Let's talk about some of the things that I like. First thing is Stranger Things Season 3 that show is on Netflix. It ticked all my boxes, I love it. And my next pick is the Universal Audio Arrow preamp and I'll put a link in the show notes if you want to check that out. And my third thing that I liked this week is that I found out you can actually follow the Kelly Kelly, what the kilowatt patreon without actually having to subscribe and pay money. So what does it mean? That means if I make something publicly available, you get a notification that it's publicly available.

I think that's really cool and I wanna thank Eric for following us on Patreon. Thank you Eric. Look for a public posts coming soon just for you and everybody else that wants to view it, but it's inspired by you, Eric. It's the first of the month. So I'd like to thank our Patreon supporters, first of all, I like to think chip. Chip gave us all the really cool NASA swag. He is a subscriber at the $5 level. Thank you chip. Welcome. I want to thank Dale Leon, Ian James, Mark Sierra, Cameron, Don, John, Nate, and Chris. If I forgot you let me know. I don't think I forgot anybody. I counted up twice. But if you want to become a patrion subscriber and you like the way the Mike's Sound, go to or cause this bad boy was not cheap, but I'm very happy to have it.

I'm really loving this pre-amp and I hope that you are loving it as well. Hope it sounds better on your side. I know it sounds better on my computer. Fingers crossed. It sounds better when you're playing it through your headphones or wherever you listen to this podcast. We've got some videos, Tesla Kim, which is a youtube, e r as my kids say, my daughter has said, uh, one of her friends was a youtuber and I said, what does that mean? She says, I don't know. So Tesla Kim is a youtuber. I like her channel. She had a video with a former Tesla employee. Now I have my feelings about the, the content of this video and I'm going to post the link in the show notes and I'll let you make up your own mind. But I have complicated feelings. It's all about what it's like to work inside a Tesla and I didn't, I'm not going to go through it, watch the video and it's about nine minutes long or so and then shoot me an email, your thoughts and we can discuss it over email.

I won't discuss it here. That's B o d i There's video showing off the Audi e Tron and I'm going to be honest with you. It is overproduced and it's full of hyperbole, but if you want to get get a good look at it out at an Audi e-tron , this is a great video for that. Also in the news, but not in the video Audi, will be releasing the e-tron with a smaller battery and a lower price point in Europe and on the US, but in Europe, 71 kilowatt hour battery, 186 mile range, 300 kilometer range. We also have a bunch of videos of the Honda e and if you've never taken a look at Honda e , it is such a cute little car. It's going to be available in Europe and the UK, not in the u s or North America, but it's a great looking car and these videos are about 45 seconds long.

There's a bunch of them. I highly suggest taking a peak of that. And finally in the video section, Andre Carpathy, Tesla's director of artificial intelligence and autopilot vision, he was at some sort of conference and was talking about neurolink and autopilot. I really like listening to this guy talk. He's super smart and he takes a really complicated subject and breaks it down, so even more on like me can understand it. So take a look at that video. It's really interesting. All right. We have a bunch of short articles this week, so we'll get right into it here. First up, insight evs, Mark Cane. This one's for Leon. The Porsche Take Han now has over 30,000 reservations. That's more reservations than the way more affordable VW id three production is scheduled for September 4th like I said, these are fast semet Alvarez has her next story from Tesla. Rati Tesla Rati last week Ford showed off their electric F-150 by pulling a train loaded with other F150.

The total weigh in amount of the train and the F-150 is was 1.2 5 million pounds. We talked about this in the kilowatt slack and my coworkers were actually very impressed by this amazing feat. I maintain that if you're pulling 1.2 5 million pounds on wheels and rail, are you really pulling 1.2 5 million pounds? An engineer did the math and it actually only takes 1,875 pounds of force to pull that train. He also went on to say that in order for the tires to maintain traction, the truck would have to weigh more than, you know, 1,875 pounds and before we'll drive a regular internal combustion engine, ice F150 comes in at over 4,000 pounds. So the electric Ford F-150 should easily be able to pull a train weighing more than a million pounds. This was a nice bit of marketing, especially when you consider that it was able to convince a lot of my friends who are Evie naysayers.

It was able to convince them that maybe an electric F-150 might be worth owning. Now, full disclosure, my friends who I, who I love and adore, they're all dumb. Every single one of them. Simon Alvarez has our next story from Tesla. Rati Tesla wants to build a structure to test the solar roof in the Fremont factory and actually says in the factory, not on the property where the Fremont factory happens to be located. It says in the factory, in the headline, it sounds like it will be used to evaluate the solar roof tiles in maybe used for training employees on how to install them in July. They've already received the proper permits to get this done. Green car reports, Eric c Everts Tesla energy has a new product, so just to recap, you know to synergy has the solar panels, they have the solar roof now they have the power wall, they have the power pack and now they have the mega pack and the mega pack.

They're so energy dense that they take up 40% less space than power packs. Now in Horns del South Australia, which is an installation that we talked about, Tesla installed 600 power packs. That same installation would only require 43 mega packs, which is really impressive. I forgot to mention this, but that's an a, that's a 129 hour megawatt hour installation, so this is great. I hope that Tesla is able to sell a ton of these mega packs and make a ton of money, so much money that they can subsidize their cars and actually sell them at a lower cost because they're making so much money on the mega packs. I'm being very, very optimistic there. Simon Alvarez from test Sarathi. According to the highway loss data institute, the model s and x are 90% less likely to be stolen in the u s next story. Fred Lambert of electric not long ago, someone reached out to Ilan on Twitter because he had his dog in the car.

Dog Mode was on and temperatures in the car reached 85 degrees Fahrenheit. There was a bug, I don't know if it was a bug, it was a c an oversight. Basically if you manually set the fan and studying led, instead of letting the car automatically set, the fan dog mode didn't work, so Tesla's rolling out a bug fix. Now let's call it a bug. Let's see here inside evs, Stephen Love Day. Before we go into the story, this is all anecdotal evidence. This story is it's kind of based off of a car that was traveling, a model three that was traveling at a high rate of speed and hit a light pole and it damaged, heavily damaged the battery and the battery did not catch on fire, so again, anecdotal evidence, nothing scientific here but the model three does use 2170 batteries which are different from the model and guess SNX which uses 18 six 50 s battery cells.

The model three battery pack has a special foam packed in with the modules. Now I don't know if this foam is supposed to be a fire resistant or if a the foam is more for protection. Again, I just want to go back to saying there's nothing scientific about this but it is kind of cool information and hopefully there is something with the model. The way that model three battery packs are built and the 2170 cells are designed that make it less susceptible to catching on fire. Our next story comes from day Sean j Ferris of Tesla. Rati Tesla has patented in a unique way to cast the frame for the model y. Now, Ilan mentioned this during his interview with Ryan McCaffrey who does the ride the lightning podcast. I highly suggest going to check it out. Come back here and listen to this one, but go check out his podcast cause it's really good decimal.

Stop using a series of stamped steel and aluminum pieces for the underbody. And I'm guessing that means to frame and move to an all aluminum frame or under body. So one solid piece for the, for the, we'll just call it the frame to make it easier. If this machine works, it'll reduce the parts needed from 70 down to one. Now that doesn't reduce the material needed because it's still a standard length with you know, diameter mass. There's still, you still need the same amount of material, roughly the same amount of material to build it. But it does reduce the capital expenditure that Tesla will need because it's reducing the robots that would be needed to actually build the frame. And finally we did a story a few months ago about a former Tesla employee that allegedly stole code for autopilot source code for autopilot and shared it with his new employer, which is Chinese, Evie carmaker, x paying or x motors to update you on the story.

The employee did admit to uploading autopilot source code to his iCloud account just before leaving the company, but denies any wrongdoing. Basically he said, I know this looks suspicious, but I wasn't. There was no misconduct and to me he's still stealing source code and even if he didn't share it with his new employer, that still seems like misconduct to me. X Peng has stated or x motors has stated that they're unaware of any wrongdoing, which has basically been their stance all along. Okay. That's the whole show thinks everybody is so much for listening. I know it wasn't an exciting show. Lots of little bits of information, but nothing that was like groundbreaking news this week. I hope you all have a wonderful week. If you like the new preamp, you like the new sound, then you know, shoot me an email, let me know. Another thing is I understand that the, the previous shows, they've all been very quiet. I don't know how this is going to sound on every podcast player, so if you wouldn't mind giving me feedback on how this sounds on your cup podcast player. All right, everybody, thanks so much for listening. I hope you have a wonderful week and I will talk to you next Friday and here's to cross Friday. [inaudible].